How can we help you?


How can we help you?

What does Suspicious User Detected mean?



When you are about to start chatting with a seller or buyer when you will see a pop up ‘Suspicious User Detected”

This pop-up means that the person you're chatting with (not you) has either been reported to us by another user or we've noticed that they're not sticking to our OLX Rules by following certain scam trends like:

  • Insisting a buyer pays Advance before they deliver the item for sale.
  • Price is unrealistically low, making it too good to be true.

Because your safety is our top priority, we address any dodgy activity immediately.

What should you do when you see this?

Simply stop communicating with the individual. If they have reached out to you privately via email or Whats app, please block them on those platforms. We recommend using our Chat on the site or in the app to avoid a suspicious user from getting your private information.

In the very rare occasion that a blocked user has tried to reach out to you with a different profile, please Contact Us as soon as possible.