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How can we help you?

Dear OLX Users, Our site is undergoing an upgrade and might be a delay in time to publish your ad(s). Inconvenience is deeply regretted.

Ad Rejection Reason - Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items Rule on OLX

As required by the law and as per our policy, we do not allow items that are considered illegal for sale in Pakistan. The rules on illegal items are different for each category on OLX, so please continue reading to understand what items are considered illegal for sale in each category.

Mobiles (Telecom)

  • Software for unlocking the phones
  • Mobile Spy Software
  • Mobile Signal Jammer
  • Invites for buying mobile phone
  • Live Demo Unit (LDU)
  • Mobile Jammers
  • Signal Jammers
  • GSM Amplifiers
  • Mobile Signal Boosters
  • Dect 6.0 or Dect Cordless Phones (Range 1880 MHZ - 1930 MHZ or 1.88 GH - 1.93 GH)
  • Mobile Unlock Software
  • Terminal devices
  • WIFI Booster with 3g & 4g Sim capability
  • As per PTA only licensed companies can sell GPS tracking devices

Electronic & Home Appliances

  • Used Trimmer/ Breast pump/ Epilator is not Approve
  • Keylogger - devices and software's
  • Sale of Licensed Software like SAP or Oracle
  • Commercial Television Series / Episodes / Programs/ Movies in (pen drives/ CDs/DVDs/blue ray discs etc.)
  • Government issued Laptops, Wifi Dongle or accessories.
  • Ethereum mining rig
  • Gas Suction Pumps
  • LPG Cylinder


  • Vehicles without Registration Book or papers including Xerox documents
  • Police Seized Vehicles
  • NCP (Non-Custom Paid) / Afghan Trade cars
  • Booking Coupon/Receipt of advance booking
  • Vehicle issued by Government under 'Apna Rozgar Scheme'
  • Non-Transferable Vehicles (e.g. Jeeto Pakistan Jeeto or Similar Game Shows etc.)
  • Government owned cars

Fashion & Beauty

  • Breast Enlargement, Hip protrusion creams
  • Used / Unused Undergarments
  • Replica (Copy, Duplicates) of Luxury brands of Sunglasses, Watches, Apparels, Accessories etc.
  • Beauty Products giving 100% guarantee
  • Sale of Army OR Police Uniforms, clothes, shoes, jackets, medals etc.
  • Teen Patti and Poker chips
  • Business, Product, Direct Selling & Jobs of any of the Network Marketing Companies E.g. The ELI, The Oriflamme, MetLife Int Pakistan, Tiens etc.
  • Glutathione -- is an important antioxidant in plants, animals, fungi, and some bacteria and archaea
  • Hot Belt shaper/Sauna Belts/Caboki Hair Fiber
  • Nighty Lingerie

Books, Sports & Hobbies

  • Electronic vapes (Sheeshah or Hookah) - tobacco or flavor mentioned
  • E-cigars/cigarettes
  • Android Apps Or Games
  • Books or Magazine with Sexual Content


Business, Industrial & Agriculture:

  • Sexual supplements (Medicine/creams etc.)
  • Banned/Restricted chemicals - example - radioactive, DDT CFC.
  • Currency in Circulation (Foreign)
  • Sale of SSD Chemical
  • Asphalt/Bitumen - Used in road construction

Property for Sale & Rent:

  • Wine Shop with / Without License
  • Live-In Relation including Male / Female sharing
  • Sale of River sand & Sandalwood farms
  • Disputed / Seized property
  • Pharma license sale/ Rent
  • Sale of religious place
  • Sale of Registration form, slips, files, prospectus, certificate without property
  • Sale or Rent of Girvi or Mortgaged property
  • Sale of Reputable Institutions or Government building or City like Islamabad or LUMS etc.


  • Online/ WhatsApp Nikah, Divorce, Halala
  • Apostille/Attestation of documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates etc.
  • Brokers offering services of Forex Trading/ shares
  • Any sort of Direct Admission with mention of quota
  • Astrologers providing services
  • Cross Gender Massages or Female Massage Services
  • Bitcoin - Virtual money
  • Surrogacy Services
  • Medical surgeries
  • Medical prescriptions
  • Image verification services
  • Fast Track /One sitting Degree
  • Escort service
  • Trading software
  • Ads for Compromise models
  • Investment Ads


  • Google ad sense accounts
  • Online Jobs Like Bulk email/SMS, Work from home, Ad Posting, Captcha jobs, Ad clicking, click per ad, click on links, click on videos, Ad Viewing, Copy Paste jobs, Letter Posting etc.
  • Any Government or Semi Government Job like in PTA or PTCL etc.
  • Foreign Jobs of any nature are not allowed. Excluding Work Permit which is a Visa type
  • Ads contain the link which directs to a website claiming to pay for posting jobs on OLX
  • GSK Pharma and all GSK related jobs
  • Required “Bold / open Minded females”, “Personal Secretary”
  • Social Media marketing job


  • Sale of Endangered or Exotic Species is not allowed
  • Animal adoption or animals for free is prohibited
  • Wildlife Policy in Pakistan is Provincial based

Multiple Products in one Ad:

In accordance with our policy, we do not allow 1 ad to contain more than 1 item. All ads that mention multiple items are removed as Forbidden

How to avoid Ad Rejection:

Make sure you post one item in one ad. For example, in Property: every house, plot, apartment, portion, room, etc. should be posted in a separate ad with the proper title format (Size | Type | Area | Neighborhood | City), detailed description, appropriate price and real pictures. 

Advantages of posting different ads:

  • You will attract the right buyers and your ad will get more responses
  • You will avoid confusion and sell 5X faster


What to do if your Ad gets rejected?

We would be happy to accept your ad when you repost without the forbidden item/s to ensure it complies with our policy.

We are always here to help you. Please write to us on or speak to us on our Toll-free number 080010101 (9:30 till 6:30) 7 Days a Week.