How can we help you?


How can we help you?

Rejection Reason - Bad Description

Bad Description Ad on OLX

In order to ensure the quality of experience for buyers and sellers on OLX, we do not allow Ads with Bad description. For us to deliver this superior experience, we need to make sure all Ads follow our rules on writing a description. Let us explain!

What is the Description of your Ad

The Ad description is the story of your item or service. For an item it is important to mention how long has it been used, what condition is it in and if  there any additional accessories included. If you are selling a service, it helps to mention what areas do you offer services in, what are the timings and what after sales service you provide.

This helps buyers find your ad easily and get all information before making a call to you to discuss the sale. Usually about 2-3 sentences of quality information will be enough.

What to do if your Ad is rejected due to Bad Description:

If you are notified about your ad rejection due to Bad Description, just log in to your account and go to manage ads, where you will see the option to edit your ad. Just correct the Ad description with proper details and we will ensure that your Ad is approved and goes live so you are able to sell with ease. You will have 7 days to edit your ad after receiving the notification and after this period your ad will be removed.