How can we help you?

Submit an Ad

How can we help you?

Dear OLX Users, Our site is undergoing an upgrade and might be a delay in time to publish your ad(s). Inconvenience is deeply regretted.

How to submit an Ad?

Postings ads has never been so easy!


For the App: Just click on Submit a Free Ad, located at the top of main page.




 You will be redirected to our posting form. Fill it.

  1.  Ad Title: This should clearly indicate what you're offering.

  2. Category: Choose a relevant category and subcategory.

  3. Describe your ad: The more detailed the description will be, the greater the chance for a sale.

    Here are some of our suggestions.

  4. Price: Make sure it reflects the condition of the issuing item.             


5. Location: Enter the area from where you are offering the ad or service. Don't forget to add the city name. It will help you fetch more views.

6. Name and phone number: Provide all relevant information requested under contact details field. Your OTP request is generated when you enter your phone number. 07__1_.jpg

7. Add images: Gain up to 3 times more responses by including images! Include a maximum of 12 images. To know more, click here06__1_.jpg

Remember: The OTP verification has started. For more details, click link

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After submitting an ad, a new screen will appear, confirming on your ad status.


For the website: Just click on the button Submit an Ad which is located on top right of home page and follow the same steps as mentioned above.