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How can we help you?

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Pursuit of excellence: Being passionate and never stop trying!


Congrats to all our lucky winners:)


Have you watched the new OLX Video. 

Looking for the right tenant for your house or apartment??(Hmm, find easily on OLX).


Cricket Contest: All you crazy cricket fans, here is your chance! 



Celebrating Father's Day with OLX: 


Connecting families together even though circumstance may have put distances between them was the main objective of this campaign. 

Thousands of entries poured in, with most people sending their message of gratitude for their Father. To know more click here.


Calligraphy contest:- Kudos to Lucky Winners

For more details, click here 


OLX New Product Benefits Campaign:-

Do you know we have a new feature? A more secure OLX, wherein every seller is now required to provide a valid mobile number, for submitting a free ad.





An OTP (on time password) SMS verification will be sent to that number, and once verified the ad will go on OLX.



To know more, click here 


User Experience Contest:- 

Congratulations to the lucky winners of our User Experience Contest (Hurray!)

Check here for details share


!!Watch Out for More!!