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Blast from the Past (Events)

OLX has orchestrated some brilliant initiatives & contests in the past, which have touched the hearts of our users.

Some continue to linger in our memories! This page is dedicated to that outstanding effort which was only possible because of our wonderful users. Revisit the past:-


An Initiative to re-unite: Lost Memories



Baazi OffRoad Ki contest:-The thrill, the joy and the ride.

Certainly the most adventurous contest, which saw an limits being challenged and daring winners emerge! Catch the adventure in the below Video:

Watch all videos here: Video 1  Video 2  Video 3  Video 4  Video 5  New


Uncle Aslam's Car: This knocked out everyone




Celebrating the spirit of Mothers Day: Close to the heart





Back to school: Found many enthusiastic takers



Do your part of social welfare!

Learn how you can not only help yourself, but the society. (Doesn't it sound wonderful!) 



Celebrate patriotism: And get chance to win!