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How can we help you?

Dear OLX Users, Our site is undergoing an upgrade and might be a delay in time to publish your ad(s). Inconvenience is deeply regretted.

How to write a good Title & Description?

It's recommended to follow below suggestions & tips for an excellent ad title & description.

Catchy Title: This should explain the item or service you are selling in 30 characters or less.

Detailed Description: This is the story of your items or service. How long has it been used? What condition is it in? Are there any additional accessories included? What areas do you offer services in? Help buyers choose you with a detailed description. Usually about 2-3 sentences of quality information will be enough.

Please note, description of ads should not contain:

  1. Vulgar, offensive and violating the rules of good manners.
  2. Encouraging/ enraging violence or hatred, racism, xenophobia or conflicts between nations.
  3. False or misleading information.
  4. Prohibited items - Posting Rules
  5. Advertising and links to sites competing for

It is also not allowed to harm the website users by posting viruses or other malicious software.